Lori Fuller Photography


I was a new mom trying to find my way and not lose sight of myself. I picked up a camera, took a photo one day, then another the next day and the next, until my creative project lead me to documenting other families stories.



My photography career began accidentally. I was a stay-at-home mom to a toddler and newborn. As much as I loved being home with them, I was losing my sleep-deprived mind. I could feel my creativity - and sanity - slowly slipping away.

After several foggy months, I knew I needed to do...something. So I picked up a camera and started documenting a small portion of my day. It became a simple way for me to stop for a brief moment, observe the world I was inhabiting, and do something that was just for me. I quickly realized how much I had been missing - the vibrant colors of flower petals, the sunlight creeping across the living room floor...even the colors of the fresh fruit sitting in the fruit bowl suddenly hit me with such force.

And those faces! I became so fascinated with my children's faces; their eyes and lashes, their smiles and expressions, their dimples and cheeks. They were obviously around me all the time but I suddenly began to see them with such clarity that it felt overwhelming. It was as if someone had lifted a veil from my eyes and, through the lens, I began seeing everything around me with a newfound awareness.

This was when I realized that photography was no longer just a hobby; it was saving me as it became a way to celebrate creativity and the beautiful chaos of my everyday life.